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  • Life Size T.Rex
    Life Size T.Rex

    This life size T.Rex dinosaur was made for bass music and camping festival in Oh...

  • Quetzalcoatlus(AD-1434)

  • Spinosaurus(AD-1368)

  • T-Rex(AD-294)

    Gengu Dinosaurs is one of the leading Indoor Animatronic Exhibition Dinosaur Sup...

  • T-Rex(AD-249)

    Amusement Park Life Size Animatronic Dinosaur Styracosaurus with vivid sound and...

  • Stegosaurus(AD-1150)

    The customer requested that this stegosaurus rex need to be static of course it ...

  • Brachiosaurus(AD-1146)

  • Pterosauria(AD-577)

    If you have any question on Outdoor flying full-size Pterosauria we will give th...

  • T-Rex Costume(DC-67)
    T-Rex Costume(DC-67)

    Gengu Dinosaurs is specialized in produce Jurassic Park Dinosaur Costume Our pro...

  • Velociraptor Costume(DC-66)
    Velociraptor Costume(DC-66)

    Hot sale various high quality Velociraptor Costume from China leading manufactur...

  • Spinosaurus Costume(DC-65)
    Spinosaurus Costume(DC-65)

    Find here details of Gengu Dinosaurs selling Life Size Dinosaur Costume. All the...

  • Velociraptor Costume(DC-64)
    Velociraptor Costume(DC-64)

    Buy low price high quality Velociraptor Costume,choose our products,Gengu Dinosa...

  • Velociraptor Costume(DC-62)
    Velociraptor Costume(DC-62)

    Gengu Dinosaurs is one of the leading Velociraptor Dinosaur Costume Manufacturer...

  • Velociraptor Costume(DC-49)
    Velociraptor Costume(DC-49)

    Our T-Rex Dinosaur Costume has the features with low price. Best quality and fac...

  • Triceratops Hand Puppet(DC-1465)
    Triceratops Hand Puppet(DC-1465)

  • Velociraptor Costume(DC-1385)
    Velociraptor Costume(DC-1385)

    We care more about customer success user success and value achievement. Choose o...

  • Slidable Dinosaur Rides(AR-1268)
    Slidable Dinosaur Rides(AR-1268)

  • Slidable Dinosaur Rides(AR-1267)
    Slidable Dinosaur Rides(AR-1267)

  • Slidable Dinosaur Rides(AR-1266)
    Slidable Dinosaur Rides(AR-1266)

  • Slidable Dinosaur Rides(AR-1265)
    Slidable Dinosaur Rides(AR-1265)

  • Anchiceratops Walking Ride(AR-103)
    Anchiceratops Walking Ride(AR-103)

    Buying low price high quality Anchiceratops Walking Ride and Walking Dinosaur Ri...

  • Apatosaurus Walking Ride(AR-99)
    Apatosaurus Walking Ride(AR-99)

    Gengu Dinosaurs is major in producing Apatosaurus Walking Ride stable plastic fl...

  • Protoceratops Walking Ride(AR-98)
    Protoceratops Walking Ride(AR-98)

  • Triceratops Walking Ride(AR-97)
    Triceratops Walking Ride(AR-97)

    Why choose Gengu
    • Mechanical Design

      We make a mechanical design for every dinosaur, providing them with a good frame. This makes sure that their air flows and other moving parts can operate without friction, massively improving the service life!

    • Dino Posture & Color Design

      We design dinosaur postures, detailed features and colors before production begins. This ensures you get exactly what you want.

    • Graphic Design

      You provide us photos and plans, we get back to you an entire dinosaur exhibition!

    • Exhibition Details Design

      Exquisite details design show to customer the final exhibition scene. We also provide plan design, dino facts design, advertisement design, etc.

    • Installation Team

      All of our installation team workers had electrician certificate; Through periodically training to improve the operation ability; Have many years overseas installation experience.

    • After-Sale Service

      We will track your product whole journey and offer you soonest feedback so that the processing is clearly present for you. A professional team will be sent for you to assist to install after finishing product and at the same time repair the product in quality guarantee period at any time.

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